Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Madaline maccan <3

Hello :) sorry I've been neglecting lately I have 3 very demanding little monkies at home which is why I have decided to start a new discussion...
Madaline Maccan! The beautiful little girl that went missing in 2007. This is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people and as a mother I can no imagine what her poor parents and siblings went through and are still going through.
To lose a partner there is a name for this your a widow/er to lose parents you are an orphan but to lose your child there is no name for this loss, not that labelling this loss will make this tragic pain any easier. I have suffered a miscarriage the same year actually that Maddy went missing I was 11 weeks pregnant and it broke my heart. I was in absolute bits , I cried everyday and every night for months and still now I suffer and wonder what if.
To have a child put in your arms and to nurse that child is the most precious gift in the world their life in your hands their health and their safety down to you.
For the parents of Madaline maccan or any other parent who has lost their baby or child of any age I can't even begin to imagine what this feels like. The love you have for your babies is like no other you will experience in your whole life it's passionate and unconditional and painful at times it never goes away, even when you no longer cradle your baby in your arms all you want to do is protect them and when something bad happens you Blame yourself , I know because I've felt this blame.
I really believe and hold strong beliefs that maddy is out there somewhere I just hope for her parents and any other grieving parent she is being loved the way all of our babies deserve.
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  1. ummmm this subject is a little puzzling to me! still to this day i cant quite figure out what happened, after watching all the documentaries on it, i cant help but feel her parents had something to do with this!i really hope they didnt but things still dont add up to this day! this poor little girl :( i hope she is being loved somewhere too, but something isnt right about this whole situation!it is awful all of it xxx

    1. Hiya Natalie- I'm do sorry it's taken me so long to reply my son has been ill so haven't had time to myself for a good week!
      I do agree with you on this to a certain extent although when it was revealed in the news they had suspicions due to Maddys hair being found in the back of the rental car it came to nothing. I just wish they found out either way really.
      It's concerning tithing though if she was found alive now and taken away from the life she knows is this going to effect her life as she lives now?!
      It's so hard , it was such a horrible news story and I felt so much for everyone involved. No one more than maddy tho the poor little mite has been through so much bless her!
      Thank you so much for your comment xx

  2. Hello darling, i think ur blog is coming along really well so i have awarded you the Sunshine Award welldone..
    see what you have to do on

    1. Wow Zoe this is amazing thank you so much <3 love you and missing you loads xxxx