Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hair treatments for Blonde hair!

Evening boys and girls!
While I'm sitting here catching up on my soap gossip I thought of a great thing to discuss... Hair!!
I have been round and round in circles with my hair colour ... From mousy brown to pink to red and now I'm blonde!!
All this colouring has not been kind to my hair and the bleaching even worse!! I have tried many expensive hair treatments including- herbal essences , Elvive, and vo5... None being very successful!! Brittle ends and fuzzy roots nothing's worked!!!
Until now!!! I popped into body care in town and found this conditioner it's called Creightons, caring for colours and it really is amazing!!
You can get it for blonde or brunette hair, shampoo and conditioner- its hot it all!!! It makes your hair so soft and sleek (if straightening) and the smell is gorgeous! On top of this it enhances your colour and shine to your hair- my hair is lighter and so shiny and clean looking I love it! Even when your hair is dry and through to the following day your hair still smells delish!!! And all this at ... Wait for it £1.05p!!!
What a bargain!! Go for it treat your self ;)
Lammy xxx

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