Thursday, 19 April 2012

First time blogger!!

Im Lam and I am a blogger virgin! My best matey "zoelou and the beauty blog"  has got me all interested and hyped up about blogging , so here I am giving it a go!!
Im 26 and a mum of three wonderful but crazy boys!!
My time is spent bringing them up the best way i can and trying to keep my hectic house in some kind of order!!
I dont currently work as my youngest is still only at nursery part time so finding hours to suit my child care can be a pain!
Obviously I am new to this so I apologise if i am not up to scratch just yet.
My blog is going to consist of the things in life i love the most for example....
Make-up!! Every girl loves a good lippy!!
New trends...I know i love to see whats hot and whats not!!
Children's brands...Its good to know whats out there for out little monsters!!
Anything that's not here feel free to add I love to discuss any topics of interest to others and I am also open to any feedback or advise from fellow bloggers!!!

Id love to hear from ya  and read your blogs so leave me a link and ill be sure to check out what you have going on!.....Love Lammy xx



1 comment:

  1. Hey love :) lovely first post! cant wait to see more.
    if u need any help call me ;)