Friday, 20 April 2012

Damn stretch marks :/

Hey guys!
I have just got out the shower and I'm looking at my belly in the mirror!!
Now having three children takes its tole on a woman's body! Although I'm not "overweight" stereo typically anyway, stretch marks are the Bain of my life!! I know any fellow mums will feel the same about this unless your the lucky ones and didn't receive these little shiny lines all over your body from your little ones!!
What I would like to know is what really works to help hide/ fade these critters? I know we have our coca butter and bio oil but do they really work.... I'm going I a mission to discover the one!! The one that does help! Believe me I need help lol.
I would post a picture to show my success but I really don't want to scare anybody!!
So any fellow mummy's or daddy's out there that would like to share any stories or tips about how they have managed to fade theirs do feel free to let me know, I'll update when I've tried some things I think the first one is going to be bio oil to be honest, wish me luck!!!
<3 xx


  1. Hey love :) i used bio oil and i thought that was pretty good, and palmers coco butter, xx

  2. welcome to the bloggin world :) ived tried all types coco butter, bio oil, strech mark creams and i nearly gave up then i found NIP+FAB TUMMY FIX!
    AFTER HAVING TWO CHILDREN i can promise you my tummy was also like someone had gone at me with a slasher knife lol, but this product is AMAZING!!!! my strech marks are obviously not 100% gone but i would say they are probably 80% better to look at now then before i started using this cream! the only down fall is it is £19.35 a tube from boots :( but i have used nearly two tubes now and one tube lasts me one month using everyday and my tummy is nearly ready for the bikki world lol lol xxx

  3. Hey! I have only just worked out how to comment back lol so sorry for the delay!! Thank you for your welcoming post and your hints on what I could try I am defiantly going to give that a go as they seriously need to leave the belly lol.
    Your blog is great I love it!!
    Thanks for following :) xx